Friday, December 4, 2009

Glitter & Glue to share with a few

Every year my parenting group does an ornament exchange.  This is my second year to participate.  Last year there were 17 people in my group.  This year it was split up into 3 groups.  Including myself there were nine people in my group.  Now making eight ornaments is a lot less daunting than the 17 from last year.  I remember, after last year, never wanting to touch those tiny beads again.  This year I really enjoyed my ornament project.  I searched the internet for ideas on homemade ornaments and found a website that showed how to decoupage a paper mache ornament.  I thought that was a fabulous idea and painting on glue would be quicker than threading a bazillion tiny beads.  So I stayed up late last night(I procrastinated the project until the last day) creating the ornaments while listening to Shadow Puppets by Orson Scott Card on audio.  It was actually really nice to be able to do a craft while the kids were asleep.  Well almost.  Tylea is teething or sick and wouldn't sleep very long with daddy so I would have to go in and get her back to sleep constantly.

At the swap today it was fun to see the different ornaments from the other groups, to collect our new ornaments, and to hear comments about my own.  Below are the pictures from the ornaments that I got today and the one the I created as well as well as the link of where I got the idea.

Brookie-Lee's Beaded Snowflake 2008

Brookie-Lee's Decoupage Star 2009

Pictures were borrowed from my friends blogs who are a little more efficient at capturing and uploading images of these treasures.  I will replace them as I get a chance to take my own.  I hope you don't mind ladies.