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In honor of the title of my blog here are the facts on KiwiBerries.  Customers LOVED them at our last delivery.  The yummy healthy goodness of kiwi without all the peeling!

KiwiBerries - unique, organic fruit varieties nurtured by the sun, naturally vine ripened, highly nutritious, rich in antioxidants, and outrageously great tasting.

"KiwiBerries" are a nutritional powerhouse, they are the most nutrient dense of all the major fruits, and are an extremely healthy food source.  Containing almost 20 vital nutrients, Kiwi Berries are considered a super fruit!  They're not just good for you...they're delicious.
Our berries are higher in nutrient value because we grow them on our modified T-bar trellises where they receive lots of sunshine.
They are rich in antioxidants which are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and help slow the aging process, to name just a few.

The benefits of these flavorful berries include:

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size: 6 oz. (170 grams)
Amount per serving
Calories    130                                                    Calories from Fat   9
                                                                                  % Daily Value *
Total Fat     1g                                                                              1%
Saturated Fat     0g                                                                      0%
Cholesterol     0mg                                                                       0%
Sodium     0mg                                                                             0%
Total Carbohydrate     30g                                                        10%
Dietary Fiber     8g                                                                    31%
Sugars     16g                       
Protein     2g
Vitamin A   6%                          -                             Vitamin C    120%
Calcium    10%                         -                                         Iron    4%
* Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000
calorie diet.  Your daily values may be higher
or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Calories                                    2000             2500
Total Fat          Less than             65g                                     80g
Sat Fat          Less than             20g                                     25g
Cholesterol                         Less than              300mg        300mg
Sodium            Less than          2,400mg       2,400mg             
Total Carbohydrate                    300g              375g
Dietary Fiber                              25g               30g
Calories per gram
Fat   9        -        Carbohydrate   4        -        Protein   4

Research from the Kiwi Enthusiasts Journal
The future for kiwi as an important cancer prevention agent seems encouraging in light of recent studies.  ( Noburu Motohashi ) Kiwifruit Enthusiasts Journal.
Kiwi is a nutritional powerhouse and an extremely healthy food source.  They contain twice the amount of Vitamin E of an avocado fruit, with only 60% of its calories.  Kiwi is rich in folic acid, high in fibre, excellent in potassium (higher per ounce than bananas), an extraordinary source of chromium, and have almost no sodium.  Some 20 nutrients, all but 3 in meaningful amounts, are contained in this fruit.  In this regard kiwi resembles a vegetable more than a fruit, and it may be considered a "super fruit".  The Vitamin C content is almost five times that of a medium orange. 
The positive elements of these berries are of valuable importance to both health consciousness, and medical benefits as well. In China, Actinidia in general is known as a medicine against cancer.  It is said, the Vitamin C, actinidia and 3-Oxy 2- pyranol are efficient in curing cancer.  In China people use those fruits as prophylactic medicine and curative medicine.  
Kiwi is an ancient Chinese fruit tree indigenous to southern Asia whose popularity has grown since the beginning of this century when it was introduced to New Zealand.  Since this time, its use as a traditional Chinese medicament has been investigated and studies of "cancer" records of China reveal that kiwi has been used in anticancer therapy.  Recent studies have elucidated two active principles of kiwi, whose modes of action have been investigated.  Ascorbic acid, present in relatively great amounts in kiwi, act both directly and indirectly in preventing some types of cancer.  It acts directly in the quenching of cancer causing free radicals and the inhibition of the production of carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds.  Indirectly, ascorbic acid promotes the production of interferon, and the increased production of "second messengers" such as cyclic-AMAP and cyclic-GMP.  Another constituent of kiwi, actinidin protease, acts directly to break down animal proteins in the digestive tract thereby aiding in the digestion of meats.  This facilitates improved maintenance of the digestive tract in the defense against cancer.  
The overall composition of A. Arguta from a thesis by Philippe Rothgerber published in the Kiwifruit Enthusiasts Journal Vol. 6:

5% dry matter of 1.29% of fresh fruit
32.6% of dry matter or 8.47% of fresh fruit
( 25% of dry matter)
( 15% of dry matter)
( 5% of dry matter)
( <3% of dry matter)
( only very little)
Vitamin C
80mg/100g ( 400 mg% of dry matter)
Vitamin PP
Provitamin A ( carotin )
Vitamin B1 and B2

3 Oxy 2 paranol (a substitute which separates nitrites)
Actinidin (a ferment [enzyme] which stops coagulation)

Fluffy Bottoms

I started my cloth diaper career when my oldest son, Zavien, was a year old.  I was an uneducated parent using disposables, and when I become pregnant when he was 11 months, I weaned him and switched to formula.  Oh the things I would have done differently with his babyhood had I only known.  But thankfully my next two children were blessed with my new knowledge and have not been exposed to those sub par products.

I actually looked into cloth diapers when he turned a year because he was wetting out of his disposables at night.  I don't like changing sheets normally, let alone on a daily basis, so I was pretty driven to make a change.  The problem was I did not want traditional cloth diapers.  Pins and plastic pants were not appealing to me at all.  I had a few friends who used cloth diapers and I begun to research online.  Swaddlebees, bumGenius, Happy Heinys, Fuzzi Bunz all these cute names to unknown and foreign items with pictures and descriptions.  Sure I knew what the items looked like.  But nothing ever seems to be what it looks like.  You get this idea in your head of what you think it is.  But I needed to know and like what I was getting before I invested a bunch of money.  I searched for a place locally and couldn't find any store.

So I ordered four diapers from the internet and asked my friends why there wasn't a cloth diaper store.  They all agreed that there should be, and Happybottous was born.  I tested the four diapers that I ordered.  I returned one immediately, another was used a handful of times and lived at the bottom of the drawer, and the last two are favorites to this day.  I have tested almost every diaper system that I have purchased for Happybottomus so that I can talk with my customers and train my employees with my expereinces.  To make sure that we know what we're talking about, and have personal experience to back up our products.  So this post is about those experiences and why I choose the diapers that I use personally as well as my best sellers in the store.

More coming soon....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So in my past two Happybottomus newsletters I talked about Nosodes.  At first I introduced them and mentioned a book that I sell in my store, The Parent's Concise Guide to Vaccinations.  In my newsletter I stated that Nosodes were a safer and natural alternative to vaccinations.  I explained that Nosodes were the homeopathic version of a vaccine.  And that was about all I said.  I received many emails after that with moms asking for more information and asking where they could get them locally.  And of course I received an email with someone upset that I was informing my mailing list that there are alternatives to allopathic vaccinations.  I actually found that very interesting.  Because there are very few things that I do in my life that are not alternatives to mainstream society.  Educating parents about natural alternatives is what I do.  Of course I'm going to share information on something that can improve the quality of life for millions of children.

So in my next newsletter I included links to some of my research on Nosodes and made some contacts with local Naturopaths and a natural pharmacy that supplied Nosodes.  All that information is below as well.  The fact that Nosodes are more effective with fewer risks than conventional vaccines is a no brainer to me.  I even called my doctor's office and asked him to look into them.  And I hope he researches them thoroughly because he does have access to a lot of information that I don't know about, I'm sure.  But if they pass his acceptance and if he talks with patience about them then, wow.  That would be one of the biggest accomplishments of my life.  To be able to help parents and children avoid permanent damage that can be caused by vaccines would be monumental.  Even if it was only one life.

My sister-in-law asked me "If they work so well then why haven't I heard about them?"  Good point.  The  Pharmaceutical companies make millions on vaccinations and can afford to advertise as well as pay doctors to push their products.  Nosodes, on the other hand, are very affordable and the goal is to help people, not to cash in on the innocent.  So now to the nitty gritty.....

October/November 2009 Newsletter
Nosodes: Our last newsletter introduced you to Homepathic Nosodes. We would like to continue bringing you information on this natural and healthy alternative to conventional vaccinations. Andy from Obrien Pharmacy and KC Holistic Centre was very kind and spent several minutes talking with us about Nosodes. Below are just a few that are available without a prescription:
Vaccinosis Nosode Drops $14/ 2oz. Measels, Mumps, DpT, DtT, Rubella, Serum Anguillae, Tetanus, Serum Equine
H1N1 Nosode Drops $18/ 2oz for prevention or cure.
Virus Nosode Drops $15 Common childhood viruses.
Flu Nosode Pellets based on this years strain $8 (80 pellets, 5 in the mouth 3x a day)

Local Kansas City Naturlopathic Doctors who know about Nosodes
Amber Belt, ND website
Alicia Johnson, NMD website
Farhand Khosh, ND website
(Talk to your doctor about it. I asked Dr. Brooks about them and now he's researching. I'm thrilled. Ask your doctor, at your next visit, to research Nosodes.)

Don't take our word for it. Do your own research. Here's some information to help you get started. Remember, past 5pm, you are the one taking care of your child, not your doctor. Knowledge is power.
Doctors in Mexico City Cured 2009 Swine Flu with Homeopathy

Doctor's in Mexico used similar homeopathic treatments that worked in the 1918 flu epidemic with great results.

(2 Million treated, 10 infected, 0 deaths!)
"Cuba goes through a yearly cycle of Leptospirosis epidemic, especially after the hurricanes flood the countryside.....The usual expectancy of infection even with allopathic vaccination would have been around a few thousand, with some deaths included."
In 2008, 2 million Cubans were given the homeopathic nosode vaccination treatment for Leptospirosis, only 10 were infected, no one died.

The Who and the Why

Welcome to my blog! Man, I had the hardest time naming this thing. I was going to do something like Sleep is Over Rated or When the kids will sleep the mama will work or 3am and online. But I decided to go with Fluffy Bottoms and Kiwi Berries. Since both encompass my work life which was created by my family. Happybottomus is my cloth diaper store where I specialize in fluffy bottoms and was created when I was searching locally for cloth diapers for my son. And Fresh Connect supplies unique items like Kiwi Berries(the size of grapes), and we started it to ensure healthy food for our family.

So a little about me, my name is Brookie-Lee and I am married to my best friend, we have 3 children, and we own two businesses. We are constantly busy and working hard to improve this world and our community one diaper or one delivery at a time. I have big ideas for things that I would like to post here on my blog. I hope that you learn things that you weren't aware of and that by reading I can touch your life or your heart in some small way.