Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fluffy Bottoms

I started my cloth diaper career when my oldest son, Zavien, was a year old.  I was an uneducated parent using disposables, and when I become pregnant when he was 11 months, I weaned him and switched to formula.  Oh the things I would have done differently with his babyhood had I only known.  But thankfully my next two children were blessed with my new knowledge and have not been exposed to those sub par products.

I actually looked into cloth diapers when he turned a year because he was wetting out of his disposables at night.  I don't like changing sheets normally, let alone on a daily basis, so I was pretty driven to make a change.  The problem was I did not want traditional cloth diapers.  Pins and plastic pants were not appealing to me at all.  I had a few friends who used cloth diapers and I begun to research online.  Swaddlebees, bumGenius, Happy Heinys, Fuzzi Bunz all these cute names to unknown and foreign items with pictures and descriptions.  Sure I knew what the items looked like.  But nothing ever seems to be what it looks like.  You get this idea in your head of what you think it is.  But I needed to know and like what I was getting before I invested a bunch of money.  I searched for a place locally and couldn't find any store.

So I ordered four diapers from the internet and asked my friends why there wasn't a cloth diaper store.  They all agreed that there should be, and Happybottous was born.  I tested the four diapers that I ordered.  I returned one immediately, another was used a handful of times and lived at the bottom of the drawer, and the last two are favorites to this day.  I have tested almost every diaper system that I have purchased for Happybottomus so that I can talk with my customers and train my employees with my expereinces.  To make sure that we know what we're talking about, and have personal experience to back up our products.  So this post is about those experiences and why I choose the diapers that I use personally as well as my best sellers in the store.

More coming soon....


Green Acres in the City said...

when you say sub par are you talking just about diapers or formula too? Some Mama's such as me could not produce enough milk no matter what we tried. I am jealous of those that could. It is a very hard pill to swallow when you know you, yourself cannot feed your baby from your body.

Brookie-Lee said...

I was referring to both disposable diapers and standard formula. If I had only done more research from the beginning then I would have realized why disposables are not safe for babies. I would have realized that there are other options to formula. There are breast milk banks that supply needing mamas. As well as a ton of information on what to do to increase your milk supply. It may not be easy but there are other options available.

Sadly the research that has been done on the negative side affects of formula are not advertised on TV. Many children are getting diseases like diabetes from the cow's milk that is the base of most formulas. And the alternative isn't much better. Soy formula from GMO soybeans is a nightmare. So although it's FDA approved and in your grocery aisle doesn't mean it's safe. It would take some work to find a healthy milk donor locally or to contact a milk bank but our children are worth it.

Basically society needs to get out of this rut of doing what's mainstream and research things ourselves. Ultimately we have to care for our children. So researching what we feed them, what we inject them with, and how we care for them will dramatically affect both lives. And please understand that I'm not judging. I was in that place once myself. And I'm sure I'm still making mistakes that I will be blogging about in 5 years. All I hope to accomplish is to plant that mustard seed and hope it will inspire other parents to research for their children.

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