Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Traditional Farmer

I spoke with Lee Quaintance this morning from Acme Grain. It was refreshing to hear his enthusiasm of informing people about pure food. He shared with me a few of his observations on the conventional farmer and large companies taking advantage of these farmers.

The conventional farmer is greatly influenced by the large coop companies and their advice on issues they face. When a farmer's field sprouts up with weeds they ask the professionals what to do. Sadly these professionals make $$ by telling farmers to use the newest biohazard weed killer on the market. The chemical works for all intensive purposes but the after shock to our bodies has caused diseases of epidemic proportions.

The natural farmer, on the other hand, looks at the weeds in a field and gains a better understanding of the land. Dandelions show a calcium deficiency, while cockaburs show an zinc deficiency. The weeds help the farmer know what the land needs to be healthy. A natural farmer knows that you don't need chemicals to grow a strong crop. You need to listen and be aware of what the land is telling you.

It makes sense logically and scientifically. Our planet has been able to produce food for millions of years without today's chemicals. The organic farmers are growing successfully with truly traditional methods. The conventional farmer is being dumbed down from these traditional practices by coops and chemical companies who are only concerned with the mighty dollar.

As a consumer we can help control these chemical and coop companies. Our money is what they are after ultimately. When we purchase organic food we increase the demand from farmers to produce organically. With a larger organic market farmers have the incentive to grow real food. Use your food dollars to cast your organic vote and transform the conventional farmer to a traditional farmer.

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