Monday, March 22, 2010

Be Inspired to Inspire

I was reading a few different blogs that I follow this evening and it tickles me to see into other woman's lives.  These very successful women and their drive to be who they want to.  A stay at home mother with her law degree who gets to enjoy the company of her son and she runs a very successful blog.  She's been published in other venues and is a supportive parent and resource in her circles.  An inspiration to so many.  (Code Name: Mama)

Another mother who's creative side inspires her children's creativity as well as her readers.  Sharing her crafts, cooking, and pleasant enjoyment of life.  Her humor and light hearted tone make the mind cheerful and you find yourself smiling.  Accented with gorgeous photography and her blog is truly a beautiful piece of art. (Naptime Musings)

On a different tone there is the blog of a hard working farming mama.  Life full of inspiration that she shares with her readers.  Information to enlighten them to reality and tips on how she overcomes obstacles.  There is a brilliance to her writings as she combines humor with the hard truths of life. (Naturally Local)

Then there is me.  How would I characterize myself?  As a women who has been inspired by these woman.  I hope to share parts of me and my life that may be inspirational, bring a smile, or enlighten someone else.  There are many ways to touch people in a lifetime.  Many antidotes that can inspire others in life and online.  Living life only to inspire oneself is unfulfilling and pointless.  We don't exist for our own enjoyment.  We are here to love.

To love other human beings.  To love our creator.  The greatest challenge in life is to lay down our selfish instincts and sacrifice our desires to help others.  To give everything we are to others in the hopes of returned love but with no expectations.  To love them regardless of the outcome.  It's so easy to get caught up in oneself, or own family that we forget the rest of the neighborhood, the community, the city, the state, the country, the world.

It takes one person to cause a reaction.  Maybe one person working very hard and consistently but still one person can cause a reaction that changes the world in a small but noticeable way.  Wouldn't that be great to have Michael read from the book.  Deeds in life: inspired millions by.......  saved millions by........ raised children who went on to...... fed the hungry...... clothed the naked....... healed the sick...... sheltered the homeless........ prevented hate and war.......

The possibilities of what we can do with our lives are endless.  The power is ours.  Better yet the CHOICE is ours.  Sadly many people don't choose to sacrifice their desires to love others.  Thankfully there are women in life that choose to love others and share inspiration.  Hopefully I can take that seed that inspired me, made me smile, and enlightened me to share with just one other person.  To start a reaction that may change the world for the good.  Thank you to the woman that share their inspirations, talents, lessons, and lives.


Dionna said...

Mama, YOU are the one who inspires me! Your love for your family, your passion for helping others live naturally, your energy and drive in your businesses . . . you amaze me!! Thank you for your kind words.

~Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

Green Acres in the City said...

What a beautiful post. My family is my greatest desire. Thanks for the reminder.

Kathy said...

Gosh, Brookie-Lee, that was wonderful! I'm Sarah's mom and I am always amazed at what you are accomplishing and the good that you are doing with Happy Bottomus and KC Fresh Connect, and your precious family. Of course, I also love reading Sarah's blog and seeing her creative photographs. Plus, I think you have the cutest name!

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